Property for Sale Ottawa, Ontario: Saddlebrooke Estate location

A drive out to the Saddlebrooke Estates from Ottawa's west end quickly illustrates how conveniently located the lots are. Just minutes from Kanata - with its stores and amenities - and entrances to the 417, the Estates are nestled in a protected space of their own.

Carp Land for Sale - Convenient and Secluded

To the east sits downtown Ottawa and Gatineau, and to the west lie the quaint villages of Carp and Almonte, and the rest of the Ottawa Valley. As locations in Ottawa go, the Saddlebrooke Estates are one of the best situated for seclusion and convenience.

Entrance to the Saddlebrooke Estates

The entrance to the estates is located at the intersection of John Aselford Driveway and Marchurst Road.

Surrounding the Estates are three hundred acres of protected parkland, guaranteeing a lifetime of privacy with no possibility for further development. Contact us today for more details.

Video Tour of the Saddlebrooke Estates

Carp Lots for Sale: Located in The Carp Hills
Just minutes from Stittsville in West Ottawa

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Property for sale in Ontario at Ottawa's Saddlebrooke Estates - aerial view
Ottawa lots for sale location map for Saddlebrooke Estates